appimage-builder documentation

appimage-builder is a novel tool for creating AppImages. It uses the system package manager to resolve the application dependencies and creates a complete bundle. It can be used to pack almost any kind of applications including those made using: C/C++, Python, and Java.

  • Real GNU/Linux packaging (no more distro packaging)
  • Simple recipes
  • Simple workflow
  • Backward and forward compatibility
  • One binary, many target systems.

For information about the AppImage packaging format visit:

Getting help

Having trouble? We’d like to help!

First steps

appimage-builder at a glance
Understand what appimage-builder is and how it can help you.
Installation guide
Get appimage-builder installed on your computer.
Write your first appimage-builder recipe.
appimage-builder recipe examples
Learn more by playing with a pre-made appimage-builder project.

Advanced topics

AppImage Updates
Add delta updates support to your AppImage
AppImage Signing
Sign your binaries to protect your users
Test in different systems
Find and fix issues

Hosted Services

Producing AppImages on Gitlab CI
Learn how to produce AppImages on Gitlab instances
Producing AppImages on GitHub
Learn how to produce AppImages using GitHub Actions

Recipe specification

Version: 1
Specification of the appimage-builder version 1 recipe format.